How to train a dog in 15min a day

You might be thinking that this is some kind of nonsense and that this is not possible. Unfortunately you’d be wrong. There are some factors which must play role for this to happen though, like dogs age, commitment of the trainer, ability to read the dog and timing.

There are a lot of various schools, teaching different methods however all based on being able to control the dog, getting his/her attention when required, mutual trust and commitment.

Start the training as early as possible (I have when Dexie was 8 weeks). Start with easy commands like sit – All you have to do is to hold a snack in front of her/his nose and move it behind its head. Dog will normally sit then and look up and when she/he is about to seat just say the command. If this doesn’t work say sit and gently press on his/her bum downwards. Repeat the action few times until you see that the dog associated the command with the action. This really is how the communication works with the dog and on this system you can build the entire process. It really does only take 15 minutes a day.

Some commands will take longer for your dog to associate and some faster however try to enjoy the process. When you want your dog to do something more complex, plan ahead and break the task apart into individual exercises. Baby steps are best and will guarantee that both you and your dog have a great time.

Consistency, I taught Dexie to seat and wait before she gets her food in her bowl. It took a while however I don’t longer have a jumping puppy running around me when I am giving her food. This required consistency and commitment from everyone feeding her. Make sure your dog is following the house rolls and everyone expects same things from him/her and not only you.

Lastly start with simple commands and gradually you will find that teaching becomes easier as your dog is getting older and can understand more but also because you have mastered a way to communicate with your dog in a way that is easy for him/her to understand.
Watch my videos below

Dexie Week 1

Dexie week 2

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