Acupuncture – brief history and its future…

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What is Acupuncture ?

It’s a Chinese form of traditional medicine where thin needles are inserted into the body, those places on the skin are called acupoints. The technique is used to help creating balanced energy within individual as well as boost their wellbeing and sometimes even cure some illnesses.

Brief history

Acupuncture, history of acupuncture, science acupuncture, future of acupuncture, what is Acupuncture, where to find acupuncture
The Yellow emperor’s classic of medicine

According to some sources the first publication of this technique dates back between the first century BC and the first century AC. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine as it’s called is written in a way of questions and answers. Most likely it’s a compilation of knowledge passed on over centuries – generation to generation. The roots of this original compilation are found in every style currently practised around the world.

Acupuncture continued to be used and developed over centuries and become a standard therapy used in China along with massage, herbs and treatments employing heat. During Ming Dynasty The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion was published forming basis and clearly describing 365 points which are responsible for impacting flow of Qi energy.

Treatments using acupuncture eventually declined at the beginning of seventeen century onwards. The practice began to be perceived as irrational and was excluded from the Imperial Medical Institute by the Emperor in 1822. China became influenced by western culture and in 1929 the acupuncture was banned along with other traditional methods. The knowledge was retained, however technique wasn’t being used and remained in the background. During Long March, where injured Chinese soldiers were facing imminent death without anaesthetics or surgery, Chinese traditional doctors achieved amazing results. From this point onwards TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) and western practices were used side by side.

What does the science says?

According to some sources there has been over 3000 clinical trials and the effectiveness of the practice remained unproven, dividing doctors and scientists about effectiveness of the acupuncture. The technique however has the most credibility amongst all the alternative treatments. Majority however consider the practice to have a placebo effect, where simply intervention through treatment or medicinal, can relieve symptoms because patient receives attention.

Will it last?

The practice has been in existence for centuries and over this time provided relief and relaxation to many in need regardless of the actual affect. Moreover, many were filled with optimism that there is still a chance where orthodox methods failed and it will exist as long as there it provides a grain of hope.

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